Acoustic Tunings

At the beginning stage of acoustic tuning for headphones, we do a lot of target curves related research, and then we define the sound styles by using the target date on CNC mock-up sample simulation test. From the mock-up sample we can modify mechanical design before tooling start. For the following DVT EVT PVT stages, acoustic engineering take part in every process, to assist electronics, mechanical.

Every Material for Acoustic Purpose Matters

By changing the various materials and cavity structure of the headphones to produce the target sound, the first thing is to achieve a certain level of material quality standard, impedance, distortion, sensitivity have corresponding requirements, these material parameters can provide basic sound characteristics, but it is only the basis. Once the foundation is laid, the ability to make a good sound depends on the experience and judgment of the acoustic engineer and the understanding of the sound.

Headphone Drivers

Award-winning Driver Units Partners

Our partners who produce our customized speaker driver units are over-achieving companies in the market. A number of award-winning headphones are equipped with the drivers that our partner produced. We use our own special customized drivers in the headphones according to its design, which drives the sound quality up to another level.

High-New-Tech Acoustic Science Lab

Honsenn is partnering with the industry-leading full-silencer laboratory, equipped with professional testing systems and hardware equipment, can provide a stable acoustic environment as low as 0 decibels, suitable for testing and analysis of a variety of complex headphones earphones, for sound quality and noise cancellation.

Allen Xie-Director of Acoustics

Industrial Leading Professional Acoustic Engineers

Honsenn’s acoustic engineering team has helped company and our clients developed many Hi-Res Bluetooth products with noise cancellation beyond compare. Some of our acoustic engineers are honorary members of China Audio Industry Association (CAIA).


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