Headphones Firmware Configuration

What does firmware engineer do to develop a pair of flawless headphones with smooth control of playback and other functions? Honsenn assists clients define the product functionalities and behaviors according to the requirements. Based on target functions, we recommend certain components that support it and upgrade FW to achieve the goal.

Make High-tech Product Easy to Use

Bluetooth Headphones development follows the underlying software logic that that chipset supports. Honsenn helps clients sort through the complex behaviors of the products. Such as voice prompt, LED lights behavior, ANC or game mode switch, connectivity of Bluetooth/cable/2.4G dongle/ Earphones and charge case, etc. Honsenn established full testing chain for bug detection and debugging, make sure the product flawless easy-to-go.

Firmware Work Is Team Work

Firmware engineers assist other area engineers to perfect the headphones. Such as adding or losing gains, volume limitation or set SPL into different levels for kid’s headphones, ENC algorithm configuration for clear call, interactive instruction between devices or earphones and its charge case. All aspects are needed to be considered to make you a perfect functioning headphone.

Software Application Development

Honsenn has deep connections in the audio industry. We have the resource to help clients develop their Application for EQ adjustment and other function control, such as ANC, Transparency mode, hearing aid, and game modes.

Firmware OTA Upgrade

Honsenn can help you develop the headphones with OTA function to upgrade the products by consumers themselves.


Let us know your requirements, we can create better than you can imagine.