Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is a mixture of measurement, dimensions, materials, and aesthetics. An optimal mechanical design helps create a successful mechanical part, assembly, or product. Mechanical design dominates all stages of the life cycle of mechanical products, as the lack of mechanical design can lead to the manufacture of the wrong parts and machines, and modification at this stage involves high cost, manpower and time.

Everything is Customizable

Bluetooth headphone is a complex combination of technology. Honsenn’s experienced team, members have 20 years of experience and some from big companies like Sennheiser, know what makes a perfect design of headphones and what markets need. As to mechanical, there’re many processes involved. Tooling for plastics, silicone, metal, leather/cushion. Product surface treatment, such as silkscreen, electroplate, CNC process, painting, water transfer, and glossy UV oil. Everything is customizable to perfect the product.

Top-class Mechanical Engineers to Serve You

Whether you choose OEM or ODM products, Honsenn can customize the products for you with the help of our top-class engineers who are also Red-Dot award and IFA award winner.

Optimize Your Design

Honsenn has reach experience to finalize and detailed any headphones earphones ID. We evaluate the ID and make the most accurate design for assembly, electronics, and acoustics. That can help you save time and cost from repeat tooling modification.

Headphones Ergonomically Fit Everyone

Headphones and earphones that are designed by Honsenn’s team are always ergonomically fit everyone’s head or ear. Since 1st mock-up we have countless times of tests to try on different people.

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