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Characteristics and bio-based raw materials

Waterbone bio-based materials
Standard bio-based materials
Waterbone bio-based materials
Standard bio-based materials
Bamboo fiber – bamboo instead of plastic, natural environmental protection, functional green fiber.
Corn fiber (PLA polylactic acid) breathable eco-friendly fiber.

• Air permeability, water absorption
The porous structure of bamboo fiber has good moisture absorption and dehumidification function,and is praised as “breathing fiber” by experts.
• Natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant Bamboo fiber contains “Zhukun” antibacterial substances, with natural antibacterial, anti-mite,anti-odor drug properties
• Probiotics
The antioxidants in bamboo can effectively remove free radicals in the body, and bamboo fiber contains a variety of essential amino acids
• uvioresistant
The ultraviolet penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 0.6 ‰, which is 41.6 times that of cotton
• sustainability
The planting area is wide, the regeneration ability is strong, the growth period is short, the growth is rapid, and the afforestation is permanent
• Fine and smooth, comfortable
Bamboo fiber has natural smoothness, thermal comfort, tactile comfort and pressure comfort.

• Original ecology, excellent biocompatibility
Corn fiber products are completely different from petrochemical materials, which come from natural
plants, green environmental protection, only produce carbon dioxide and water when burning, will not cause pollution, and products made of corn fiber can be degraded naturally in soil and sea water; Achieve sustainable development
• Good flame retardant, flame retardant, low smoke The limit oxygen index of corn fiber reaches 26, the combustion is slow, the automatic
extinguishing is fast, the smoke is less, and the safety is very good
• Good permeability and moisture removal
Corn fiber longitudinal is obvious transverse groove, transverse plane is slightly circular, with
fiber capillary effect, with very low moisture absorption, balance moisture content of only 0.4%-0.6%, breathable and dry, moisture conduction isnot boring, excellent moisture absorption and perspiration function is 8 times that of polyester fiber
• Skin-friendly comfort
Corn fiber from natural plants, green environmental protection, feel smooth, delicate, drape and softness is excellent, with good biocompatibility.

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