Honsenn Technology Services

We offer different but related services for four major client groups – electronics brands, retailers, wholesalers and technology companies for their OEM/ODM/SKD/CKD/. Honsenn has deep cooperation with SoC solution provider, sustainable and high-quality material vendors. We help companies gain profits, reputation and grow bigger by offering high quality products and services.

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For Brands

We work with technology and advanced material companies who offer quality reliable components to create the best performance products. Often this requires time for development of the product to more precisely meet the needs of those customers. Our R&D members are the most reliable know-how engineers who are experienced and worked for industrial leading companies before, such as Sennheiser, Philip, Beyerdynamic, etc. We can surely help you create the top-class headphones.

For Retailers / Wholesalers

We are your better choice in the complex world of sourcing in Asia. Honsenn has always fulfilled his corporate social responsibility dedicatedly. We commit our duty in the society. We keep high on-time delivery rate. We bring new cost-effective products at high frequency. Cooperate with Honsenn, Why not?

For Technology Companies

We are well experienced to cooperate with technology companies to integrate your high-tech into headphones for your end customers. Honsenn has deep cooperation with audio solution companies and proud R&D advantages. We are ahead of the audio industry to develop new tech audio products. All functions are achievable, such as high quality ENC algorithm integrated, Application, haptic feedback, spatial audio, hearing loss detection and so on.


●2005 Honsenn was found by a group of inspiring engineers and elite businessmen.

●2014 We made a disruptive breakthrough in Bluetooth headset technology and developed the first noise cancellation Bluetooth headphones.

●2016, sales exceeded 100 million and we moved into the industrial park of 12,800 square meters.

●2019 Obtained a number of technical utility patent certificates and high-tech enterprise certification.

●2020-2021 Honsenn has doubled-up sales turnover within these 2 years.

●2022 Honsenn earned Trustworthy Factory Award and interviewed by CCTV.

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Honsenn own extremely good reputation in the audio industry and has solid relationships with audio big brands. Products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

Contact Us

Honsenn Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating Bluetooth headphones’ R&D, production and sales. We have a large number of stock earphones, sufficient chips, and can be shipped on time according to customer requirements. Welcome to consult.

A Brief Overview

As a global company, we integrate the knowledge of the diversity of our environment into our business decisions, our products, our processes, and the way we treat our employees.

What We Do.

   Providing high-quality OEM/ODM products makes our company stand out among its competitors.

Why We Do It

   The highest level of service and support is essential to ensuring the quality and value of our products.

   We strive to innovate and challenge old paradigms in the audio industry by continuously developing new solutions.

We Uphold

   Our success comes from loving what we do and being passionate about it. 

   At all times, strive for excellence and thrive in challenging environments.

   We place the highest priority on quality.


Honsenn fully and strictly follows international management system standards.
All products’ certifications can be arranged to compliant with worldwide markets. 


Let us know your requirements, we can create better than you can imagine.