Electronics Design

Honsenn has rich experience in the audio industry. The R&D teams have been in headphones electronics area for 25years. With the growing demand of Bluetooth products, Honsenn has expended our connections with all sources of material suppliers and solutions providers for Bluetooth headphones. As long as you have headphones requirements, we can help you create it just as you need and better than you expected.

High Integrated Chipset Solutions

As people’s increasing demand of Bluetooth® headphones earphones and the usage scenarios are requiring more functions, which bring with it the demand for more multi-functional features. How to realize the functions of featured audio, intelligent interaction, auxiliary listening health monitoring, active noise cancelling, etc., all require Bluetooth® main control chips to continuously pursue higher computing power.
Honsenn has rich experience resourceful connections to develop every kinds of functioning headphones earphones. We choose the best chipset solutions to develop according to your functional requirements within your budget range.

Noise Cancelling Solutions

Honsenn Technology focus on all aspects of noise cancellation features: Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC).
Mechanical ergonomic design and foam materials make the perfect PNC.
We are good at applying different ANC chipsets, especially ADI, AMS and some Bluetooth® Noise Cancelling Highly Integrated chipset BES2300Y/YP, QCC3071.
Honsenn’s ENC headphones are not only making ENC just as the chipset has, but also apply ENC Algorithm to enhance the performance.

Bluetooth® Solutions

According to your markets, Honsenn has different Bluetooth solutions applied, ranging from entry level to high end products. For low cost chipset like Jieli and BK, we can tune the performance to its highest standard; for high cost chip set like QCC51XX series, we can fulfill and perfect all its functions, such as LE audio and aptX Adaptive, Snapdragon Sound™.

New Level of Bluetooth Headphones Integrated Electronics

Bluetooth headphone is a complex design of all aspects. From mechanical design and materials to every electronic components, and software algorithm, everything’s important that makes the product extraordinary. Even using the low cost chips, Honsenn can develop the product with high quality performance: Stable connection, long playtime, and low consumption, extend life circle of electronics for sustainable purpose.


Let us know your requirements, we can create better than you can imagine.