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What’s News in the Bluetooth Audio Solution Industry?

Wireless Audio SoC
Wireless Audio SoC
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1, New Chipset Solution for Hi-Res Sound Quality Headphones

With the wide popularity of TWS Bluetooth headphones, people’s demand for wireless headphones is getting higher and higher. As the key experience of TWS, “Hi-Res sound quality” has become the main factor driving consumers’ purchase. It’s also the “rigid demand” for product differentiation. Therefore, the underlying core Bluetooth SoC chip which affects the sound quality has ushered in a new wave of technological innovation and product application. This article is to share Chongqing Wuqi Microelectronics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Wuqi) Hi-Res audio solutions. As one of the core product areas of Wuqi, Bluetooth audio chip has excellent audio performance. They can provide excellent sound quality experience. Wuqi’s new generation of high-end Bluetooth audio chip WQ7033

2, What Features Does It Have for Headphones?

Support LDAC codec, it is the lowest power consumption of the “Hi-Res” sound quality. WQ7033, a new generation of high-end Bluetooth Audio chip independently developed by Wuqi, has industry-leading audio performance, low delay and excellent background noise level; At present, we have completed the development of LDAC high-quality audio coding function, and passed the LDAC certification, fully supporting the LDAC coding technology. As a result, the bitrate of Audio transmission is greatly improved, up to 990K bps rate, 3 times the traditional wireless transmission capacity, while supporting the maximum 96kHz/24bit sampling rate, the original audio details can be fully retained, you can listen to Hi-Res Audio high-definition sound quality.

Although a number of Bluetooth headsets with high-quality sound quality have appeared on the market recently, the chip schemes adopted by competing products also support Hi-Res Audio sound quality. However, the improvement of the sound quality of the headsets also brings a sharp rise in power consumption, which leads to the shortening of the battery life of the Bluetooth headsets. Different from competing solutions, WQ7033 Bluetooth audio chip ensures sound quality and ultra-low power consumption at the same time, striking a good balance between sound quality and power consumption performance.

3, What Makes It So Advanced Than Others?

LDAC measured data tested in laboratory shows that when high-quality 990kbs is used to play Hi-Res Audio music with Wuqi chip SoC, the average music playing current is less than 5.8mA. Even if ANC active noise reduction mode is enabled and the underlying computing power is running at full speed, the current consumption of WQ7033 chip scheme is less than 6.5mA. This is the lowest power consumption of the underlying Bluetooth chip scheme for music playback current among the Hi-Res Audio gold standard schemes in the industry at present, and another technological innovation and leadership achieved after the WQ7033 chip took the lead in achieving 3mA music playback current worldwide after 2021.

Wuqi’s ultra-low power design originates from long-term technological accumulation and deep technological innovation. Among them, WQ7033 Bluetooth audio chip, as the first high-end chip solution of Wuqi, takes the lead in the innovation of advanced manufacturing process, boldly adopts the 22nm advanced manufacturing process specially developed for low-power applications; Designed industry-leading Analog to ensure high performance of RF/Audio with low power consumption; Fine low power management, dynamic control related analog/digital modules, to a certain extent to save energy consumption; Built-in powerful HiFi 5 DSP, with high power DSP processing audio files, bringing lower power consumption, but also achieve better sound performance.

With excellent sound quality experience and endurance, WQ7033 chip solution integrates enhanced features such as stability, low delay, high computation and low bit rate audio transmission, which almost perfectly meets consumers’ differentiated demand for sound quality. At present, a number of brand customers have carried out product research and development according to the WQ7033 chip gold standard scheme. Soon, Bluetooth headphones with the lowest power consumption in the industry will appear in the Audio market, we will wait and see.

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