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At HONSENN, we are thrilled to share our remarkable journey and accomplishments with you. For over 19 years, we have been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing Bluetooth ANC headphones in the Dongguan industrial zone. Today, we stand proud as a company renowned for our premium ANC Headphones, TWS Earbuds, Bluetooth Earphones, Gaming Headsets, Kids’ Headphones, Call Center Headsets, Military Headphones, Bluetooth Conference Speakerphones, and much more.

We are honored to have received widespread recognition and praise from our esteemed customers, as well as forging strong partnerships with renowned audio brands, distributors, and supermarkets across the globe. This journey of success and excellence has led us to a remarkable moment: a showcase story and an interview on CCTV, the national TV Broadcaster of China, to celebrate our Craftsmanship Spirit.

The Art of
Sound and Silence

Removing the barrier between artists and audience is at the core of our ethos of ANC Technology. Honsenn aims to bring High Quality products to life to create comfortable quite zone for the dynamic of sound.


Our teams at Honsenn have the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to turn any concept into a finished product, and we can offer a range of services throughout the development and manufacturing process that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. – a wide range of product that utilize the latest technology.

High-End Quality

Brilliant R&D team, sharp market insight enables us to deliver unprecedented high-end quality.

Sustainable Plastic Materials

Let’s make a slightly small environmental impact by using recycled plastic materials

Amazing Sound

Listen to the rich, natural sound, transforming music recordings into “live” performances.

Outstanding Noise Cancellation

Outstanding Noise Cancellation

Conbine best ANC solution to develop most comfortable quiet place create from headphone.

Product Lifecycle Mgmt.

Project Management

Honsenn has around 4 project managers monitoring & pushing projects meet schedule and all requests.

Professional Services

Professional Services

<2hrs professional fast reply, <5days sample-making, 30days MP delivery from FAS confirmed.

OEM & ODM Customization

OEM & ODM Customization

With elite engineers’ team, all are customizable: Functional, Mechanical, Packaging, Renderings.

Reliable Quality Control System

Reliable Quality Control System

20+ qualified QCs & 50+ QC facilities to ensure quality from every component to finish good.

Innovating Sounds. Amplifying Values.

The backbone of our success lies in our passionate and dedicated employees,
who take immense pride in their work. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and
craftsmanship is what allows us to consistently produce high-quality products
that our customers adore.


Our engineering team embodies a deep-seated understanding of the principles and techniques that govern this complex field of sound & audio. Our proficiency ranges from conceptualizing initial designs to executing intricate details till mass production, ensuring that every component is meticulously crafted and manufactured.

Patented ID

Headphone Drawings

Detailed Mechanical

Mechanical Design

4 layers PCB

PCB Layout

UI and Debugging

FW/SW Programming

High Quality Sound

Acoustic Test

5k Daily Output

Production Assembly

100% Inspection

In-line Inspection

100% Pass

Acoustic Inspection

Extended Lifecycle

Headphone Reliability


Tidy Warehouse

In-house Tooling Plant
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World-Class Production Environment

At Honsenn, our BSCI certified manufacturing plant epitomizes a well-organized environment with skilled and dedicated employees meticulously transforming components into fully-functioning headphones. In line with ISO and basic standards, our procedures are clearly laid out in SOPs, ensuring every workstation operates efficiently and effectively. Our in-house Tooling facility located in our campus, gives us an unmatched control over material quality.

Optimal Efficiency and Capacity

Our team of over 400 skilled workers, spread across 12 assembly production lines in our 13,000 square meters factory, is capable of producing 2 million units per year. Our ethos of efficient communication and service ensures all aspects of the order confirmation to delivery process are meticulously handled

Your Audio OEM ODM Partner

We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier OEM/ODM products that set us apart from the competition. Our experienced R&D team, comprised of industry veterans from renowned companies like Sennheiser, Philips, and Beyerdynamic, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Partner with us and let our experts help you create captivating products that resonate with your target audience. With a solid reputation and established partnerships with renowned audio brands, we have become a global leader in delivering high-quality products. Our reach extends across North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, catering to the diverse needs of our valued clients.

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